How to Use Escort Services

Escort services refer to purposeful accompaniment of a person or group of people to some or to a group of people. The purpose of this endeavor varies from one situation or function to another. Some are urgent calls while others are mere arrangements made prior to the material day. The importance of these escorts depends on the initial objectives of the parties involved. These services most of the time are synonymous with clients intending to indulge in sexual affairs. Here, escort agencies are involved who procure all sorts of logistics needed to have the escorts and their clients meet and proceed for their destinations. Such destinations may be business trips, holidays, for clubbing or house partying. The end process of this kind of service should meet both legal and financial considerations proportionally but unfortunately the legal bit of the transaction suffers a lot because the escorts sometimes are misused and exposed to violence related activities. There are several types of escort services and these include:

1. Niche escort

This is a type that offers non-mainstream or offline services that particularly meets her objectives and not necessarily swinging on the client’s needs.


2. Material girl

This is a kind of girl highly motivated by money or any other material accessories. She’s an ordinary lady who may love high-end lifestyle but do not have the means to reach. She chooses to do anything including prostitution to meet her objectives of a designer living.


3. Hardworking blue collar escort

This is an intelligent and sometimes learned girl with a lot reasoning who may have gone through an experience in life that pursued her to this course. She’s ready to dump it once her predicaments are done.


4. Rebel girl

This is a girl who had everything in life but decided to follow this course may be for adventure, peer pressure or for just mere excitement.


5. Convert escort

This is a graduated or may be a demoted street cougar or prostitute who moves a different but almost same sector but she’s oblivious of her identity. She may behave rough.

Such escorts among other types are normally exposed to different reception raising the question of how secure these girls are in the hands of the so called “trusted clients”. Some of these escorts normally try to extract more money from clients by withholding some of their services hence clients are not able to optimally utilize them. This therefore takes us to a question of how can one satisfactorily account for the money he spent on an escort girl.

How to use escort services

For the best sexual end results, one needs to psyche up his morale by having the right mood, a well balanced meal with a lot of energizer foods. One also needs to take a lot of fluids to ensure no thirst. Sex stimulus and sustainers are also essential to deter premature ejaculation. This will make sure the girl reaches climax as you exhaust your energy and also money.

An escort can be used during a business trip to provide company especially after long hours to seminars or conferences away from home. This service relaxes someone’s mind and gives a sense soul security to avoid loneliness.

This service is used by divorcees after separation keep of memories of the previous worst experience with a partner or to rejuvenate the sexual desires missed in the just ended relationship. It also avoids hard and bad thoughts of loneliness that can lead to suicidal missions.

Most politicians sometimes would find difficult being wound by their aged wives hence they would prefer to get escort girls to revitalize their reception with beauty queens. This makes them also look somehow younger and outgoing.

Whenever some guys visit some clubs and restaurants, they feel lonely and out of place hence they resort to hire call girls or escorts to provide company and relevance in these places.

Corporate beauty products companies sometimes hire these services to help in advertising their products especially to the youth. Some breweries and wine agencies also hire the girls to assist market their brands in clubs, discotheques, restaurants or even brothels.

The escorts are also used by two lovers in distance relationships. One may opt to hire an escort for sexual purposes when his soul mate is far away. The service although encourages extramarital affairs in such a case, but relieves sexual desires of interested parties.

In conclusion, escort services have a variety of uses hence it is important to the user although caution should be taken to avoid negative implications.